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Welcome to Iodine Deficiencies 101!

iodine benefitsHi! I’m Emma.  I’m what you might call a health nut! I love learning what’s best for my body. I’m dedicating this site to Iodine Deficiency – because everyone should know this information.

Why have this website on iodine deficiency?

I was having some health issues and was advised to research iodine deficiency. I did the research, took the iodine deficiency test and of course, I was iodine deficient! I included iodine rich fruits and vegetables as well supplements and now I’m back on track!

The more I discovered and talked about iodine deficiency the more I realized that most people, like me, didn’t know how important iodine is to our health.  So I’m sharing the information and hope you will find your answers, a little quicker than I did!

When I began I thought it would be a short search. How wrong I was!
The subject is fascinating and has lead me along a path of so much knowledge. This one mineral effects every part of the human body! We have this fascinating body which is so complex, that scientists have barely scraped the surface when it comes to understanding how it works.

Iodine deficiency is one very important aspect of our health that we can do something about, something that has the potential to impact positively on our general health. We don’t have to suffer from the problems a lack of iodine causes!

So I’m hoping that sharing what I found will help others in some way. My plan is for you to be able to find everything you need to know about iodine deficiency right here.

We live in a wonderful world, full incredible people.  Many of our achievements are so intricate that we would seem to be very clever people, yet sometimes I wonder……

What does the future hold?

When I look around I question
Why are so many people sick?
Why do some become ill and not others?
How can we focus on prevention instead of treating symptoms?
What I don’t understand is why we seem unable to correct the ever increasing health issues.

The big question is where do we go from here?

Why not start with self-responsibility?

Many of us seem to be willing to coast along and let others make decisions for our health. That’s not me! I want to know how to optimize my health. I can do this by understanding health issues which impact me and then do something about it.
If you are interested in managing your health, then this site should be of use to you!

Yours in health!