Which iodine test is the best?

Which iodine test is the best?

With iodine present in every organ in the body, not only the thyroid gland, the benefits of having adequate levels of iodine are clearly important for a healthy functioning body.

The iodine loading test is an accurate way to measure your iodine levels. 

Establishing the correct level of iodine in your system is especially important due to the side effects of both over and undersupply of iodine. Iodine levels can be effectively identified through urine or saliva testing and once known, decisions can be made regarding supplementation.

If you have four or more of the symptoms listed below you should consider testing to establish your iodine level.

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12 Causes of Hypothyroidism

There are many causes of hypothyroidism

Some of the common ones are Hashimoto’s disease, lack of iodine, medications, radiation therapy and thyroid surgery.

What is hypothyroidism?hypothyroidism diet healthline.com

Hypothyroidism is a medical condition whereby your thyroid gland does not produce enough of the crucial thyroid hormone needed to perform important body functions – primarily to take care of your metabolism. Hypothyroidism, also known as Underactive Thyroid, is more likely to affect women. Diagnosis is undertaken using tests which measure the thyroid in the blood.

Hypothyroidism caused by the thyroid gland is called primary hypothyroidism.

If another problem changes the ability of the thyroid to make hormones, then it is known as secondary hypothyroidism.

12 causes of hypothyroidism 

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